Oil Absorbent Powder

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Material: Cellulose

Color: Brown

Package size: 52cm x 36cm x 12cm

Weight: 10kg/pack

N-Powder is a breakthrough product in cleaning oil or liquid stains. The product can absorb almost any liquid and dry out the floor after using.

The product is manufactured using nanotechnology to optimize absorbency and cleaning ability. The product design is also considered to suit the indutrial environment, especially oil industry.

It is made from recycling bio-based materials that are completely safe and eco-fridendly. The product has 100% biodegradation.

N-Powder is used for industry or personal purpose; used to handle oil stains due to oil-spilled incidents.

N-Powder is conveniently used for different environments: factories, gas stations, warehouses…

  • N-Powder can well-absorb these liquids: vegetable oil, pesticide, animal fat, water-based liquid, detergent, oil and oil products, body fluids (blood, urine,..), other substances (acid, solvent,…),….
  • N-Powder can clean all the liquid stains on hard surface, clear the smells after using.
  • N-Powder is a Vietnamese eco-friendly high-quality product that has no import tax, no shipping fee, has preferential tax due to domestic production. N-Powder has a lower price than other high-end products that imported from Australia or USA. The supply actively offers the product to both domestic and foreign markets.

Step 1: When oil spilled incident happens, quickcly handle the source first.

Step 2: Cut open the package, scatter the Powder around the oil spilled area to create a barrier preventing the spread of oil, then scatter the Powder onto the oil inside.

Step 3: Use a hard broom or brush to sweep back and forth until the floor is dry and clean. If the floor still has oil stains, that means the Powder is oversaturated and it is necessary to add more Powder. The surface after will be completely clean, no need to use other cleaning products.

Step 4: Pour the used Powder into hazardous waste container. Hand it over to the hazardous waste treatment unit to manage following the rules and regulations.