Biological Oil-Degrading Powder

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Material: Cellulose and microorganisms are safe and environmentally friendly

Color: Brown

Package size: 52cm x 36cm x 12cm

Weight: 10kg/pack

Bio oil-degrading powder boasts superior absorption and degradation capabilities for eliminating oil contaminants in soil, mud, or sand. The microbial group responsible for decomposition within the biological powder actively reduces the oil content in the soil, transforming oil components into environmentally beneficial and harmless forms. Moreover, the product is efficiently employed in treating waste sources rich in fiber (cellulose, lignin), such as straw, agricultural by-products, and waste in the paper and packaging industries.

Produced using nano technology, the Biological Oil-Degrading Powder optimizes absorption and cleaning capabilities, specifically designed for industries, agriculture, and especially those connected to oil-related sectors.

Manufactured in Vietnam from bio-based recycled materials, the product is both safe and environmentally friendly. The microbial powder is easy and safe to use, with a 100% biological decomposition capability.

Utilized for addressing oil pollution and oil spill incidents in soil, mud, or sand.

Microbial powder is employed in industrial settings or for personal use at households, fields, workshops, factories, gas stations, oil/chemical storage facilities, and more.

  • Absorbs and tightly retains the liquids it has absorbed, preventing the generation of a secondary pollution source.
  • Boasts eight times higher absorption capacity compared to current market absorbent powders, ensuring a completely clean and dry soil.
  • Effectively decomposes oil with natural microorganisms present in the cellulose component of the product.
  • Limits the vaporization of spilled solutions, thereby minimizing the risk of combustion.
  • Non-corrosive and non-toxic to humans and animals. Environmentally safe.

Step 1: Find the tube fold of the packaging, cut the mouth of the bag to create the pouring head.

Step 2: Sprinkle microbial powder to cover the entire surface of the environment with spilled oil. Mix the microbial powder well with oil-contaminated soil, the powder will absorb oil immediately upon contact.

Biodegradation of the (isolated) oil by microorganisms will take place immediately afterward. 70-80% of the absorbed oil will be decomposed after 1 – 4 months depending on the content and type of waste oil.

Note: For treating oil-contaminated soil with a depth of up to 0.5m, microbial powder can be thoroughly mixed with soil using a harrow. If it is deeper, it is necessary to use soil excavation equipment to the end of the contaminated layer to mix or make beds.