Oil Absorbent Pillow

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Material: Polypropylene

Color: White

Packaging: 32 pieces/carton

Oil Absorbent Pillow N-FIBER provides an effective solution for absorbing and collecting oil or oil-based liquid (fuel, lubricant oil, diesel oild,…). The Pillow can absorb oil leaks from machine parts or collect oil spilled on water surface.

The PIllow’s filling is manufactured from 100% polypropylene with Japanese Nano technology which increase absorbency to 25 – 30 times as much as its weight. The product does not wear out, and absorbed oil will not leak from the Pillow.

Oil Absorbent Pillow is used to absorb oil leaks from machine parts or oil pipelines during moving or using; absorb oil slick in aquaculture milieu; absorb oil spilled on water surface.

N-FIBER is conveniently used for different environments: factories, gas stations, warehouses, fields, water bodies,..

  • With Nano technology, N-FIBER Oil Absorbent Pillow optimizes the speed and amount of absorbed oil much better than other similar products. It also helps businesses to reduce storage space and to save costs for handling oil spill incidents.
  • The Pillow is filled with polypropylene cotton which is completely water-repellent. The product can be used both on land and water.
  • The Pillow’s nonwoven cover adding with fishnet prevents the product from being worn out after use.
  • White color makes the Pillow recognizable when absorbing oil. Absorbed oil will not leak from the Boom.
  • N-FIBER Oil Absorbent Pillow has small design that easy to move or use.
  • N-FIBER is a Vietnamese eco-friendly high-quality product that has no import tax, no shipping fee, has preferential tax due to domestic production. N-FIBER has a lower price than other high-end products that imported from Australia or USA. The supply actively offers the product to both domestic and foreign markets.

Step 1: Take the product out of the packaging.

Step 2: Gently put the Oil Absorbent Pillow onto the oil-spilled surface to get the maximum contact area.

Step 3: Wait for 3-5 minutes for the Pillow to absorb the oil, then turn over the Pillow and leave it for the same time. The product will change to a darker color once absorbing enough oil.

Step 4: Squeeze the Pillow to collect the oil for reuse purpose. The product can be reused right after all the oil being squeezed out to absorb other areas.

Step 5: After handling the incident, quickly bring the used Pillow to hazardous waste dump, away from heat sources or fire and water tank.

Note: Oil Absorbent Pillow can be reused 3 to 5 times. We recommend to squeeze dryly and stow away the product for reusing the next time. Absorbency will be decreased about 30% after every squeeze.