Universal Spill Emergency Response Kit

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Bin Size: 60L/120L/240L

Acessories/Included Products: Catalogue or Contact to customize

Spill Kit provides an optimal solution for handling oil and chemical spilled incidents in medium and small-scale areas. The kit includes all the products from BIGNANOTECH, business/individual can quickly and effectively handle oil, chemical or unknown liquid spilled incidents in factories, gas stations, large transportations and all the areas that the incidents happened.

Oil or chemical spilled incidents usually happens in factories, gas stations, chemical storage areas, laboratories,… Therefore it is necessary to be equipped with a Spill Kit to quickly prevent the risk of fire explosions and environmental pollution.

Spill Kit is used to respond with oil or chemical such as oil-based solution, acids, bases, corrosives, chemicals and unknown liquids spilled incidents in medium and small-scale areas.

The Kit is conveniently used for different environments: factories, transportations and other liquid spilled areas.

  • The Spill Kit includes all the necessary safeguard products and tools that allow user to immediately handle the incidents.
  • The Kit is capable of responding and handling medium to small-scale oil/chemical spilled incidents in a quick and effective way. The Kit also helps to reduce damages, save costs and minimise the risk.

Step 1: Use the included safeguard products to handle the oil or chemical spilled incidents

Step 2: Stop the source of the spilled liquid and use Universal Absorbent Sock/Boom to prevent the spread of oil at the same time.

Step 3: Put Universal Absorbent Pad and Pillow onto the oil spilled area inside the Booms to absorb and contain all the chemical.

Step 4: Use Absorbent Powder to absorb any remaining spilled liquid. Then use hard broom or brush to sweep back and forth until the floor is dry and clean.

Step 5: After handling the incident, quickly bring the used products to hazardous waste dump, away from heat sources or fire and water tank.