S-CORIN Heat Reflective Paint

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2-component heat-reflective paint

Color: Grey/White

Packaging: 2 cans

  • Can A: Acrylic polyol resin, pigments, heat-reflective nano additives, optical stability.
  • Can B: Polyisocyanate hardening agent.

S-CORIN heat-reflective paint is manufactured using advanced ceramic technology from the United States, featuring a coating with excellent insulation, heat resistance, and waterproof properties under all harsh weather conditions. This paint is suitable for use in hot tropical climates as well as regions with low humidity and heavy rainfall. With its outstanding heat resistance and impeccable waterproofing capabilities, the paint layer contributes to extending the lifespan of roofing and walls for up to 20 years.

S-CORIN is used in places such as:

  • Corrugated iron roofs, tile roofs, walls, terraces…
  • Houses, factories, schools, hotels, hospitals, shops, warehouses, gyms, containers, wooden houses…
  • Water tanks, oil tanks, industrial barns, frozen storage, oil pipes, heat pipes…
  • High heat reflectivity and low thermal conductivity help insulate and effective heat resistance in extreme weather.
  • Maximum waterproofing, helping to protect the walls and roof from rust, moss under all weather.
  • Good adhesion, can be plastered and anti-leakage.
  • The paint film is resistant to chemicals, so it can protect the work from alkalis, acids, salts … in the environment. Hard coating film, anti-scratch and anti-fouling.
  • High washability.
  • Reduce noise for corrugated iron roof when it rains.
  • Good adhesion to many materials such as metal, brick wall or concrete, wood, plastic…
  • Light density, does not affect the construction.
  • Environmentally friendly water-based emulsion paint, free of solvents and toxic substances.
  • Easy to apply by any method such as brush, roller or spray gun.
  • Construction does not affect internal operations.

Easy to apply by any method such as brush, roller or spray gun.

Step 1: Surface preparation: Surface is dry, clean, free of dirt, rust, grease stains, mold…
Step 2: Stir and mix component A with component B before use.

  • Using industrial sprayers, rollers, brushes.
  • Each coat of paint should be spaced at least 6 hours apart.
  • Special paint can be diluted with solvents.

Note: When applying, you must wear safety glasses, a mask, avoid splashing paint in your eyes and limit contact with your skin.